Waterproof Performer G4

LEDWaterproof-P4 L1489-51W-BLE2-840

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  • Powerful range of waterproof luminaires in specific "sealed for life" design
  • Quick installation thanks to its screwless endcap
  • Supplied with vandal-proof stainless steel ceiling and suspension clips


Electrical data

Voltage type AC/DC
Nominal voltage 220|240 V
Max. number of luminaires per miniature circuit breaker B16 (MCB) 12
Max. number of luminaires per miniature circuit breaker C16 (MCB) 32
Power factor 0.9
Max. inrush current 50.00 A
Inrush time 150.0
Displacement factor (DF) ≥ 0.9
Max. number of luminaires per miniature circuit breaker C10 (MCB) 7
Max. number of luminaires per miniature circuit breaker C13 (MCB) 9
Nominal voltage DC 180|340 V
Frequency 50|60 Hz

Photometrical data

Colour consistency (SDCM) 4
CIE Flux Code 42 72 90 91 102


Lifetime (L70) 100000 h
Lifetime (L80) 80000 h
On-/Off-cycles 100000
Lifetime (L90) 50000 h

Certificates and standards

Protection class II
Degree of protection (IP) IP66
Impact strength IK08
Glow wire test 850°C
Risk group (EN 62471) RG0
With control gear Yes
Type of control gear LED operating device current-controlled
Driver failure rate (at 5,000 hrs) 1.0%
Input current 0.2250 A
Max. input cable diameter (mm) 7|11 mm
Internal wiring (mm2) 3x2.5
Housing colour Grey
Optical material Polycarbonate
Cover material Polycarbonate
Mounting clips Stainless steel
Height/depth 75 mm
Application temperature 25°C
Storage environment -30|50°C
Operating temperature -30|45°C
EAN codeEU HS CodePackagingAmountSize (L x W x H)Weight
0693178301514894051190CT11.497 x 0.07 x 0.08 m1.5 KG



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